High School Relationships

Many people have many different opinions on High School relationships. Some people think they are fine and it doesn’t matter what age people are they can have serious relationships. But in my opinions, serious high school relationships are not worth while. I see it all the time. Two people start dating, one of them is older than the other or they are the same grade. They date all the way up until the summer after senior year then they go their separate ways even though they are still dating. And they always end because long distance is too much for them. It happens almost every time, like 99% of the time. And right now in my life I am only thinking about dating people that I have a potential in marrying. And right now, I know I will not marry anyone I start dating my junior and senior year in high school because they will move away. We’ll see if my strategy works!


Lady Macbeth is Abusive

2. Do you think that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are in an abusive relationship? Why do some people stay in relationships they know are destructive?

I do think Macbeth is being abused by Lady Macbeth. Not physically but emotionally. She is basically convincing him to do so many bad things that will only affect him not her. There is no proof that she had anything to do with it, there is only proof that Macbeth hired people to do these bad things. So there will be no repercussions for Lady Macbeth.

I think people stay in abusive relationships because they slowly became abusive and they didn’t realize it. This happens all the time with abusive relationships and this story shows that women can be abusive too, not just men. I am proud of shakespeare for realizing this so long ago. This might have made some people realize that they were in abusive relationships back then. I wonder if there was such thing as divorce back then.

Men vs. Women U1: S2

1. Most people can tell that men & women communicate in different ways. How does this difference in communication styles cause problems between the sexes?

There is a stereotype that women talk more about their feelings than men. This tends to be true but that doesn’t mean that men don’t have feelings. It just means that men generally feel like they shouldn’t talk about their feelings. And that is what is socially acceptable. This gap in guy’s feelings and them saying it might cause some problems.

There is a stereotype that women like to talk about their feelings all the time and I think this might be true because women are expected to talk about their feelings all the time. So usually in relationships women talk a ton and men don’t… at least at the start of it. But that is the trial period. This is where men and women find out if they really want to be together for a long time. And if men never talk about their feelings there is no way for a woman to know his feelings. Therefor there is no way for a woman to know how they feel about the relationship, things like that.

The best thing to do when you you’re a girl and your boyfriend isn’t talking about his feelings, convince him to do it. He will like you for it and start to become more comfortable around you and around his feelings. If you’re a guy and you feel uncomfortable talking about your feelings do a little bit at a time and you will slowly begin to be more comfortable with yourself!

S1 U2: Macbeth Act 1 Song

I chose “Envy” by Buckcherry because this song tells about this man being very jealous of the things another man has. This is similar to Macbeth and The King’s situation. The song applies to Act 1 when Macbeth is thinking that he is jealous and almost mad about it because he might not become the king and he really wants to. In Act 1 he is plotting to kill the king, which I bet the guy who is singing this song wants to do to the man he is thinking about.

S1: NaNoWriMo Reflections

During the month of November I participated in “National Novel Writing Month” where we had to write 30,000 words all in the month of November. I started quickly, cranking out 3,000 words on the first day but I slowly only started to write 500 to 1,000 words a day. My excuse was that I had a whole month to do this. And that i could honestly crank this out in a weekend if I needed it. Thanksgiving break came along and I had 16,000 and it was the 26th. I was ten days behind. I made it a goal to write at least 1,500 words a day during break. That was a viable goal and every day I got to that amount.

At the end of my break I had a little bit over 22,000 words. Then it was due midnight Monday night after the break. I sat down and wrote for five hours that night. I was not happy doing that. I didn’t budget my time well. It just wasn’t a priority. I definitely had time. I just didn’t want to do it.

If I were to do this over again, which is definitely a possibility, I would write at least 1,000 words a day if not more to finish my thought. I plan on telling my professor about this next year. This helped my writing skills and taught me some time budgeting skills. I am thankful for this class and NaNoWriMo!Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 8.38.00 AM

S1: The Walking Dead And Why I Love It

TWD is a popular show, especially in Georgia because it is filmed here. That may be part of the reason why I got into it at first. When it just started to come on I started watching because I wanted to see if I would recognise any Atlanta landmarks and of course I did. But I also saw that the show had real potential. The characters were new and never seen before. The scenery was different than any other show I had watched. I liked the drama that was happening but also the intense action scenes that were a matter of life and zombie for the people in them. After a few episodes I was in love.

As the seasons went on I saw my favorite characters have children, die, get married, and turn into zombies. Ive also formed a hatred for some characters, but we don’t need to talk about that haha. My favorite character is Glenn Rhee. He kills zombies, shoots guns, finds supplies, got married to a country girl, and stays positive through it all. If I were in a zombie apocalypse, I would be just like glenn. That brings me to another point, my ideal environment is an apocalyptic world.

If I were in a zombie apocalypse I would be so happy. I would be a crucial member of my group in some way whether that be by taking care of the children and help teach them basic things students learn in school or by teaching them how to hold and shoot a gun correctly. Or going on supply runs with my team. Or by scouting out potential living areas for my group. The Walking Dead has taught me that it is important to keep moving because people are corrupt and cynical in their hearts and eventually things will go to hell if the group isn’t on the move all of the time.

Sadly, I know zombies aren’t real and I’m pretty sure the technology and response time nowadays can fix an apocalyptic problem within 72 hours. So my dream will never come true. But I can keep hoping!

P.S. if you guys wanna learn how to survive in a zombie apocalypse I’m prepared so ask me!

Cast of TWD

Cast of TWD

S1: Honoring The Code

Even though I have never read the honor code at Mount Vernon, I feel like it is not enforced very well. Mostly because students have become clever about cheating. Nobody cheats on tests and quizzes because that’s too risky but we have figured out other ways to do it easily, which I think is at all schools and all places. It’s easier to “take the easy way out”, obviously. Even if it does hurt us more than help us (@epi’sblogpost).

Anyways, I think the amount that Mount Vernon enforces the honor code is fine. Whatever they try to do they can’t get around those people that are determined to be lazy. And anyways, don’t they want us to collaborate?